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PowerBook Stuck Batteries

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I've been trying to remove the batteries from my PowerBook 165 and Duo 270c, but haven't had any luck.


On the PowerBook 165, I've got the plastic end piece to slide over, but the battery will not pull out of the machine. I've tried prying the plastic end piece off the machine carefully, but haven't had any luck. I'm worried about possibly breaking something or damaging the battery if I use any more force.


On the 270c, I don't even get that far. I'm not able to push the release button in... it's almost like it's stuck, but I can't slide the piece to release the battery.


Any advice on how to remove these batteries?

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For the 165, it’s possible that the battery has leaked and is stuck to the contacts and frame. This post has some instructions on removing the bottom from the machine so that you can extract the battery:



For the Duo, I’d try pushing on the left side of the battery cover while pushing the battery button in - that may relieve enough pressure so that you can push the release button in and get it to unlock.

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It’s hard to say for sure, but if the battery in the 165 is leaking, yes, I’d be a concerned about potential logic board damage.


It looks like you’ll need a T8 and a T10 to get the bottom case off. I know the Duos need a T8 and a T6. You’ll probably want to get a set of small “precision” screwdrivers for PowerBook repairs - I’d guess T6 to T10, #000 to #0 Phillips, and a few small flat blades.


Here’s the service source document for the 165, which has instructions on disassembly: 



And here’s the Duo one:


The Duo batteries have two retention methods, depending one which battery revision and type you have. If I recall correctly, all of them have “rails” along the top and bottom of the front edge of the chassis, which engage with rails on the inside of the battery front cover. When you push the button and slide the cover to the left, the rails slide to a position where they are disengaged, and the battery can be pulled out.


Some of the batteries also have a latch on the right side of the cover that slides behind the front of the chassis (below the trackball). When you push in the button on these batteries it unlocks that latch, in addition to unlocking the rails so that the front cover can slide. You may be able to use a small screwdriver to push this latch on while you press the button, if your battery has it.


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Last night I purchased a tool kit that has the bits I'd need to work with the PowerBook 165.


I'm hoping this isn't a really dumb question, but how can you remove the case (without damaging it) with the battery still installed? Every guide and disassembly video shows the battery being removed first, and I can't remove the battery completely from the machine.

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You can remove the battery after you opened the 4 screws on the bottom and the smaller screw on the backside near the modem port or cover of the modem port slot. 

When you move the upper and lower part of the PB a bit there is enough place to remove the battery.


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Tonight I got the battery pulled out. Separating the case wasn't as bad as I thought, though the cheap precision bit toolkit I bought ($10) was the main problem as the bits kept falling out. Ugh!


Thankfully, the inside of this machine is clean and there's no corrosion anywhere. There's no corrosion on the battery terminals, but the battery itself appears to be slightly bulged. Yuck! How can I properly dispose of this battery?


I was able to put the machine back together and even got the battery door reinstalled to cover the empty cavity. One concern, though - I forgot to check the display ribbon cable to make sure it was folded as per the instructions in the service source document. Should I be concerned enough about that to open the machine back up, or will it be fine?


P.S. Thanks to Jason's Macintosh Museum for the disassembly video. I followed along while he was doing it and had no problems. Wish he'd return to YouTube... I always loved seeing new uploads from him.



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