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Internal Floppy Inconsistencies

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Peripherals seems like the most logical place to post this as it spans a few different machines, yet its the internal floppy drive.


Problem: a floppy initialized on my 3400c will work with my 8600 tower but then my 1400c will say it can't be read. This happens frequently among the same machines with different disks. And likewise, if the 1400c formats a floppy, the 8600 can't read it. All the machines are running 7.6.1


Any thoughts? Are some drives more forgiving than others for small errors before proclaiming the disk unfit?

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It sounds to me like the head of the 1400 drive is misaligned. This is the common symptom: floppies can’t be read on it unless formatted on it. Then those disks formatted on it can’t be read by other machines. If the head is misaligned, then the tracks will be laid down slightly off-kilter, so the other drives can’t read them.


What I can’t tell you is how to fix it: I know how to do it with the Sony drives, but definitely not a tiny, expansion bay 1400 drive. I’m sure it’s the same procedure, but I don’t know how to open one of those. Someone here likely will.

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@LaPorta: Thank you! I had a feeling that there was something peculiar with the magnet but I wasn't sure what could have gone wrong. I have yet to remove the expansion bay drive itself but I am having a problem with a Sony drive as well (not recognizing an inserted disk unless held at an extreme angle.)


I vividly recall having a terrible time with the floppy in a 190 as a kid. I'll be curious to tear one down.

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