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SCSI2SD with SD-Card extension cord

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I have a SCSI2SD 5.0a set up in a Mac Classic and it works fine so far. Now I would like to be able to easily reach the SD-Card for swapping it out/making backups etc.


So I got a SD-Card extension cord and wanted to put it behind the Classic's lock slot in the back. But unfortunately it does not work. Connecting the SD-Card via the extension cord just gives me a question mark at boot. Any ideas? Has anyone done this successfully before?



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Thank you for the link.


As I read it, it means some cables work, some don't  - pity :(


I will try to clap on some ferrite cores. It may reduce electromagnetic interference, or it might add to the cables capacity an make everything even worse. I will try it anyway and report.

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I'm using the SCSI2SD 5.2 and not having any luck with either a purchased extension cable or a self-made one. With only power provided, not hooked up to a computer, the LED on mine blinks erratically when the extension cable is plugged in, compared to just once when plugged in directly.

I really want to get the extension cable working as I designed a part that would slot into where the security chain would go on the back of my Classic II, so as to not have to drill holes in the chassis for SD card access, and I would hate for that to go to waste just because I worked on it before testing if the extension itself worked on the SCSI2SD...

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