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AppleTalk (AppleShare) over PPP?

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I've continued to experiment with different ways to network old Macs that don't have an ethernet port. Especially I want AppleShare to work. After a few days of tinkering, I got my Mac Classic (System 6.0.7 and 7.0.1) to connect via serial and PPP with Slirp: https://metalbabble.wordpress.com/2020/02/08/the-final-frontier-connecting-a-macintosh-se-to-the-internet-with-a-raspberry-pi/


I also have Netatalk 2.2.6 running on a Rasberry Pi (the same RPi running Slirp), both -ddp and -tcp. And I can see the RPi's AppleShare volume in Chooser on my Ethernet-connected Macs, but I can't see it on my PPP-connected Classic. How can I achieve that? Is that even possible?


Normally I use a PowerBook G3 with IPNetRouter acting as ethernet bridge, but also then I can't see the RPi's AppleShare volume. My goal is to have working AppleShare on the Classic when connecting via serial to the Raspberry.

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This is what I did.

My Mac IIsi with Ethernet connected to Internet via router with other Macs on LAN, using classic networking (not Open Transport) is running Apple Internet Router 3.0 and Apple IP Gateway 1.0.

There is a Supra 288 modem connected on the modem port.

I have Apple Remote Access 2.0 installed and set to auto-answer.


The Router routes appletalk from and to Printer, Modem, and Ethernet ports on the Mac IIsi

The Gateway allows IP packets over these ports and can give out IP addresses or addresses can be manually assigned.


My Mac SE has a Supra Modem as well, it's connected to the modem port. Also has Apple Remote Access 2.0 installed.

I have both modems connected to a PABX.

I've set the Network Control Panel on the Mac SE to LocalTalk Built in.

I've set the MacTCP Control Panel on the Mac SE to LocalTalk. (Do not set it to PPP as you would think.)

I set it to Obtain address from Server ( Mac IIsi ) and filled in the appropriate DNS info.


When the Mac SE dials 601 in ARA, and supplies the correct credentials, the Mac IIsi will answer in ARA and allow the connection to the network.

Once connected, both modems can pass appletalk ( not all modems do ) and in the Chooser on the Mac SE it can log into shares from other Macs that are visible to the Mac IIsi whether they are connected via Ethernet or PhoneNet cabling. It will even see Shares from SheepShaver on a modern Mac provided it's network is setup correctly and in the same AppleTalk Zone.


I originally tried to use ARA on the Mac SE to dial into the Mac IIsi's Apple Internet Router on the modem port instead of ARA auto-answer but this did not work. I believe the would be used to dial two appletalk networks together.


I have to turn off ARA on the Mac SE if I want to Fax from it to a PowerMac that is connected to a modern Printer. ( A way to print to a new Printer using a vintage Mac)

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