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3D Dungeon Crawler engine for 68K Macs

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Really hard to put together (in my country at least) and the time it would take to do it properly so it doesn't fail, would take away from sitting down and developing it (kickstarter is hard yo'). Besides, I can fund the game's creation (art assets and audio) and a digital release is easy to put out (already released quite a few games on my own to decent success). Once I have the game done and ready I'll look into the physical release and will probably have a list of people who are interested in it. It will be easy to get a final quote on manufacturing once I know the numbers.


Don't forget, I'm not looking to make profit from it (maybe make back the investment in it's development), more to scratch an itch and have a new game boxed and ready for my SE/30 that I can share with people from the community. It's a good way to balance all the stuff I have to do on my day-to-day work (client work and mobile games). Retro game development is fun and good for the soul :P

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Quick update time:


I've added ranged combat to the game, in the form of Bows and Spells. A lot of work done behind the scene to import data from external files (enemies, items, level data) so I can test and tweak stuff without having to recompile anything. I'm almost done designing how all the systems should work, including but not limited to:

  • Blood (HP) as an integral part of the game
    • Acquire blood (or blood potions) from enemies you kill
    • Use blood potions to
      • restore your own HP
      • perform blood sacrifices to deities in exchange for blessings 
        • blessings can alter and improve your weapons or stats
      • pay tribute as to ascend to the next levels
      • summon creatures to aid you in combat
      • cast and unlock spells
  • Blessings and Curses system which can be obtained from alters or by performing certain deeds
    • They add variety to the base game by altering:
      • weapons
      • your character
      • stats
      • spells and abilities
  • The combat system
    • Damage based on enemy and weapon types as well as range, affinities and more
    • Effects and enhancements based on currently wielded weapon 
  • Procedural generation of puzzles and encounters
  • The two main gameplay loops.
  • A rune-based casting system where the player learns different spells and performs them by activating a series of runes in the proper sequence


Another art batch has been commissioned that aims to add a bit more flavour to the game (damage effects, feedback for actions, transitions) and It's looking like this batch might be completed by next week.


I've put together a quick video with the new first person bow animation and how the combat system works:


I also learned that working with strings in C isn't as straightforward as any other languages that I've used over the years so that was a fun night last night. 




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On 4/7/2021 at 5:15 AM, LaPorta said:

That is just amazing! Is there a count somewhere as to how many arrows you have left?

Not yet, there is support for consumable projectiles but I'm not sure how I will handle this yet. The original plan is to have character creation be made out of limited equipment slots and by selecting it at the start of the game. Imagine the player as a character that enters the tower on a quest to become a champion he comes packing armed to the teeth. Once inside he can't pickup new weapon types, but instead he can alter and transform them as he ranks up as a champion (eg: with a blessing of corruption, the iron sword becomes a Flesh Sword of Corruption).


Now my original plan is to have the players that have a bow in their arsenal is to start with a limited number of projectiles [let's say 50] with limited possibilities of finding more (old chests or dead archer corpses could have arrows). Since blood casting is a thing I was thinking of using blood arrows where 1 projectile = 1 point of health (blood). Since you are collecting blood potions from killed enemies, it would make for a good way to play more with the "sacrifice/tribute" mechanic ie - finding an altar and "sacrificing your arrows" in exchange for the ability to, once out of projectiles, to shoot arrows by using your own HP points.


That would make for some interesting tactical decisions like:

"Man, I can take out that Vamp before he reaches me with the bow, but I only have 8 HP left. It will take 2 shots and I'll be down to 4 HP, I hope he'll drop blood potions" or

"Out of arrows and down to 8 HP. I can shoot him once with the bow and hopefully he'll miss his first attack and I can finish him off with the sword and still have 6 HP left.


I'll be toying around with the mechanics in the next few weeks and hopefully nail down the final behaviour for projectile weapons :)

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I think I found a way to keep manufacturing cheap and be able to handle it in-house. I ordered a few different transparent plastic USB holders. They look and have the same dimensions as a Nintendo DS plastic box for cartridges: 



The idea is that I can fit a Floppy Disk where the manual is (with a paper insert and quick start guide to envelop the floppy disk) and a tiny usb stick (256 mb) with the game logo on it, containing the game's source code, manual and modern platform ports + a sit archive of the game. The boxes seem to be cheap, 1.3$ and I can maybe get the price lower if I buy them in bulk. I can do the paper inserts for the cover myself at home using high quality paper and my printers and the only thing that I'd have to source are 800K floppy disks. And the USB sticks but there are tons of services that sell customized ones at decent prices.

Might be able to keep the cost of manufacturing down this way and can handle it in-house. Getting the cases in a few days and I can see if the floppy fits and the size is according to specs (can never trust retailers in here). 

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On 4/7/2021 at 7:14 PM, LaPorta said:

Finding a large quantity of 800ks might be challenging.

I probably need a max of 100 of them to be fair and it should be available from different mediums like eBay and even local sellers in here. At worst, I can do part of them 800K disks and 1.44Mb ones are abundant enough. The game also being available, in the case, on an USB stick can ease some of the pain for people who can't read 800K disks if they have access to a FloppyEMU or SCSI2SD. 


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The cases are here and they are barely big enough to fit a floppy disk and USB stick IF I remove the plastic holders normally used to hold a booklet in. I'll have to shop around to see if I can find any better cases [bigger, with more interior space] but if not, it could be a way to go. 



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Did a quick test print using a DS Case template scaled to the size of the cases and it's pretty cute. With higher quality paper it might just work to do small batches myself. Would also keep the cost for a physical product quite low (and I can get even better prices if I order say 25-50 at a time).


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