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Mac OS9 Docker Image

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Hello all,


I know almost all (read: none) of you have been wondering how you can run Mac OS 9 on your docker hosts.


Maybe, like me, you keep hitting road blocks with netatalk2 and want to run your AFP File server on your modern server. Or your developing a new OS9 PPC game and want to add a build pipeline. Regardless the reason, now you can - thanks in most part to QEMU 5.2.0 release supporting PowerPC and OS9 https://wiki.qemu.org/Documentation/Platforms/PowerPC.


This is a simple Docker image to compile and run with a few ease of use options.


Before you ask WHY!?@? - read the README - you can still ask why but the answer will be "Why not?" :) 




I am using it as a FTP<->AFP bridge on my NAS server and works great for my needs.


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Mainly I'd guess most folks would be more interested in running particular applications rather than carrying over the whole Mac OS 9, which is quite a hodgepodge of technologies on its own.  Paradoxically, it's not that much bloat compared to modern applications.


Besides, I feel Windows 98 is less of a hodgepodge than Mac OS 9 if you're looking for something from the same time period.

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