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FloppyEMU HD20.dsk issues on SE

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I have a new FloppyEMU rev C board updated with latest firmware.


Unfortunately, after downloading the linked HD20.dsk from https://www.savagetaylor.com/downloads/downloads-macintosh/ and copying it to it’s own subdirectory on the SD card, when I select it in floppy emu I get a “file not contiguous” vs FloppyEMU saying that the “startup disk has been saved” as it does with the default HD20.dsk supplied on the FloppyEMU SD card.


The dsk file opens up fine under mini Vmac emulator.


Any ideas?

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The error is implying a disk fragmentation error. All files were copied to SD card today, so I doubt that.


Tried formatting the card and copying files again to defragment- no luck.


Copying the HD20.dsk on its own to the root of the SD seems to work but kinda defies the purpose.


Any clues?

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