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Novy Quick30 Plus + 6.0.5 + AppleTalk = :( ?

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I've got a couple Pluses with Novy Quick30 accelerators up and running with the RailGun driver on 6.0.5, and they're awesome. Goofy fast. HOWEVER AppleTalk (2.0.2) is borked. When the RailGun driver is loaded, file servers don't appear at all. When the booted with extensions off, the file servers appear, but the interaction (choosing, mounting, moving files) is SUPER slow. Other normal Pluses using the same HDD work as you'd expect, lightning fast in comparison.


Is this a known (and resolvable) thing? Is there a reason why the accelerator (or perhaps the CPU) would have such a dramatic effect on AppleTalk (or at least this version)?

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