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What is the card in this Colour Classic?

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This is a picture from an auction I am interested in.

What is the card on the motherboard? The seller happens to have the box of a Sonnet L2/G3 on offer with the Colour Classic but this can't be that.

That would make the motherboard one from an early PCI Powermac (like a 5400).

Could it be a Sonnet 040 card?

What do ye think?

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I had never heard of this upgrade till today (at least not what it was—thought the Presto Plus was something else…). I guess sonnet knew what they were doing (if there was any doubt) :lol:  https://everymac.com/upgrade_cards/sonnettech/presto/presto_plus.html



040, RAM, and 10baseT all on one compact LCPDS card. Amazing.

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