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G5 2.7x2 converted to air cooling are these temperatures normal?

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  • bengi3 changed the title to G5 2.7x2 converted to air cooling are these temperatures normal?

My 2.5x2 converted to air cooling had pretty high temps but they where fairly constant IIRC (I actually think one of my modules might have had a bad temp sensor). I would personally check the cards are making good contact with the heatsink's, if they are and the machine seems stable I probably wouldn't worry too much, these machines aren't designed to run with aircooling so they will run hotter than hey would normally

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CPUA is operating well above normal G5 temps. CPUB is doing better, but is still looking pretty toasty for its joint efforts in sending a measily email there in that peak. 40-50 with the odd peak to low- or mid-60s in semi-stressed operation would be normal. Hit the high 60s or low 70s with a G5 processor and you start to feel like you are on a runway getting ready for take-off.


Heatsink compound: In my experience, the G5 is really, really sensitive to heatsink compound quality and application methods, so this may help to explain the two graphs. As has been suggested, reapplication and even experimentation might therefore be useful. You might eventually need to run it on reduced power in the energy settings, though, as the dual 2.7 really is meant to have more aggressive cooling than air provides.


Overall, I think the slower G5s (1.8, 2.0 and 2.3) are the definite picks of the G5 litter as they run cooler and are in that sense so much more serviceable.


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repasted with MX4 and now it’s much cooler. I also tried to replace processors but this time I couldn’t get to calibrate these two. Luckily these two are paired to a good lobo, so in future, in case of failure, I will have to replace processors and logic.


These are the temperatures just after MX4 paste application: probably if back in 2005 this paste had been available Apple wouldn’t have bothered to go for liquid cooling...


peaks are for email and ten4fox



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