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Color Classic floppy port

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I think it's time to put a bigger hard drive in the CC, half my 80MB is full and I haven't got the elbow room to upgrade to 7.5.5 from 7.1 which leads to the "anybody using floppyEMU with CC" question ? It seems I could put the new HD in and use the installers on floppyEMU to boot up the machine and create a new System Folder on the new drive. But of course the motherboard has no internal or external floppy port. I assume somewhere inside there's a header or something that converts the HD and FDD cables into something that meets the edge connector on the logic board. Anybody come up with some kind or flying floppy cable that could be used with the EMU as and when needed ? Ah I hear you ask what size HD - and Apple IBM 15GB. Acres of space ;-)

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