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WiFi (or maybe TCP/IP) struggles on a PowerBook 2400c, help needed!

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Hey all,

Not been around for a while, but got back to playing with my PowerBook 2400c and ran into a wall trying to get the networking going.


I have a 2400c running 9.2.2 (OldWorldSupport version).

It’s modded to support CardBus and I have a Lucent WaveLAN Turbo Silver card installed.

I’m running the Orinoco drivers and software for it.

The card is recognised, the software sees my network and connects, there’s decent signal strength and it looks genuine as it wavers a little and looks like real reception.


The problem is that is just won’t pick up the DHCP server and even manual, static, IP configurations don’t work.


Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions as to what to try, whether there’s better software/drivers etc...





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That’s a good question, it’s a Virgin Media router nothing fancy, with a 2.4ghz and 5ghz network (I’m connected to the 2.4ghz).

I’m wondering whether you’re right and the encryption is just too new for the older machine. I could try adding a very old router in the DMZ and seeing what that does, perhaps.

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1 minute ago, cocoadelica said:

That’s a good question, it’s a Virgin Media router nothing fancy, with a 2.4ghz and 5ghz network (I’m connected to the 2.4ghz).

Sounds like you're probably using WPA2?  In which case, you're probably out of luck.  I think you need to talk WEP, which is far from ideal.  I don't think anyone ever has made WPA work under "classic" MacOS, and it also needs hardware support in the card.


That would account for it; you'd be able to see signal strength and stuff about the "mechanics" of the connection, but you wouldn't be able to send or receive any data over it at all.

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I have the same card as you running under 7.6.1. I didn't even bother with any encryption since WEP is broken.


  • I created a separate VLAN and DHCP server on my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter, and created a separate wifi network (called 2400, speed limited to 3Mbps and with MAC address authentication)
  • Only my 2400 with it's WaveLan MAC can connect
  • Even if I had a malicious neighbour who spoofed the MAC, they'd only get 3mbps and wouldn't see any of my other networked devices (due to separate VLAN)
  • I could go a step further and only enable it at specific times of day, or even turn it on when I want to use it

This setup might be out of reach on most consumer routers but parts of it might be possible. Alternatively, pick up an original Airport Express and plug it into Ethernet and only use it when you want to use your 2400.

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