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Inspecting contents of memory

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20 minutes ago, Rjp663 said:

Does that capability exist for the Macintosh 68k family?


Macsbug is the thing you are probably looking for here.  There are other options (I've seen people speak very highly of TMON) but Macsbug is easy to get hold of and a number of people here seem to have some expertise in how to use it.


That's not me, by the way; I'm a very basic user.  I'm thinking of people like @Crutch :-).

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Yes indeed - I’ve never used TMON but keep meaning to play around with it.  But you can certainly do that with Macsbug on all versions of 68k Macs.  Install Macsbug, press the programmer’s switch or (on some machines) Command-Power, and try the HD (heap dump), DM (display memory), or IL (instruction list, i.e. disassembler) commands depending on what you want to do.

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