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A vote of confidence from me. ITWm0YZ.png


Memory X is a reliable vendor for all things Mac RAM. I've bought their 16 MB SIMMs as well as memory for my Power Macs. They're also super easy to deal with in the event there's a mistake—I got sent 5V instead of the necessary 3.3V DIMMs for my 4400, but they quickly rectified it.

The only complaint I have about them is they don't have any stock of L2 cache RAM for my Macs :-p

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Just make sure you don't lose the receipt. Since most receipts are in email these days, that shouldn't be an issue, but you should know.


I bought a 64 meg SIMM from them for $600 in the mid '90s back when people insisted SIMMs that big didn't exist. It had a lifetime warranty. Around a decade ago it started having issues, so I contacted them, but they said they had no way to look up my order, so I was SOL. A year or so later, I found the paper receipt, but couldn't find the SIMM. A year or so later, I found the SIMM again, got it together with the receipt, then contacted them. They replaced it :)


Other World Computing (macsales.com) just looks up the order. They have a lifetime warranty, too, and their 16 meg 30 pin SIMMs are, I think, $12 instead of $15.

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