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kensington system saver for the iigs, an inquiry

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short story, theres a still-boxed one in back of an closet and the story as far as anyone know is that the first one was faulty in first place so kensington simply shipped another one. surprisingly noone has tossed the first one for this long!


is the circuit inside that complicated or a modern tinker could likely get one working again nevertheless? and about the latter, is it worth trying sell a sold-for-repairs one from canada this month now?


thanks for any answers whether that results in one more trade ad from me later in week or not :-)

(of course I'll eventually have to free the box from where it is at night or tomorrow...)

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pulling the cardboard tray out of box I found that apparently the lid had been left loose all these times and no screws saved anywhere, but yeah it looks like some repairs had been attempted once because theres an "explosion" on the inside of the top lid yet it looks like nothing is missing from the small pcb itself


still 'unlimited' 120vac being just that I don't think I want to work on this myself for safety sake


am curious about the black wire being cleanly cut between second and third outlets or was this normal by design [when compared to others owned by other users in here]?


anyhow if anyone want share any further opinions here then feel free to



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