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Modern G4 Cube PSU replacement?

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Hi stormy,


It's a 28V 200W power supply, there are several 28V switch mode power supplies out there that would fit the bill, available from Aliexpress/eBay.  Unattractive, but you could fit the PSU into a plastic case.  The power connector is known as a "standard power DIN, terminal 4 pin or mini DIN 4 pin".


Pinout is below - found online


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I had this problem myself recently. My (temporary) solution is below. This is powered by my 30v/10a bench power supply set to 28v. I can see from the power supply that at idle the G4 Cube draws ~1 amp (28 watts) without an Apple Studio Display. With a 27" Apple Studio Display the G4 Cube is drawing nearly 4 amps (112 watts).


The original power supply is rated for 8 amps (224 watts) and I'm not really sure why it would need that much power. I'm trying to understand if a smaller more common PSU would be acceptable for a G4 without ADC (e.g., DVI).




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