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Think C 5.0 reference and TCL

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Where can I find documentation or reference manuals for Think C 5.0? I noticed there is a reference browser in the Think C 5.0 package at Macintosh Garden, but it’s only a demo version. I have the Inside Macintosh set, but I’m interested in any extra functions/features provided by Think C besides those that directly map to the Pascal functions documented in IM. 

Also, I’m wondering if Think Class Library (TCL) is worth learning (if there is any extant documentation for it) or using non-OOP C is sufficient for, say, a paint program or a HyperCard-like point and click adventure game. I noticed a paint program in the Think C 5.0 package written with TCL, but I’m wondering if it’s easier to start from scratch without TCL since I don’t have TCL documentation. 

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Pretty sure this THINK C 6 installer has the full THINK Reference (I got it somewhere in any event .... probably here)



THINK Reference is awesome.


It looks like dog cow has various things over at MacGUI Vault too, including a version of THINK Reference for TCL



TCL will save you some time building the basic GUI elements but for me that's part of the fun, and there is a learning curve.

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