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This IIci speaker is non-functional. A known-good speaker from a SE works okay when attached. Reflowing the joints for the voice coil wires to MLB connection wires didn't help. Neither did spraying the connector with contact cleaner. The voice coil wires seem like they're attached okay. Is there anything obvious to try before tossing it?


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Changed model number from IIsi to Iici
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@ymk It's showing OL on this speaker, but I get a good reading on the SE speaker. Does that indicate a break in the voice coil? If it's beyond repair, is there a modern replacement with the same dimensions I could swap in? The SE speaker is fine, but it'd be nice to replace it with a speaker of the same dimensions / specs.

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I can probably send you a IIci speaker. I have a busted up case with the speaker still in it. DM me if you need it. I’ll have to test it. Also, I might be a little slow because I’m going to be on the road a bit, but your profile says CA, USA. I can send it to you US Mail later in the week. 

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