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Classic screen garbage after recap and ultrasonic clean

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Today I recapped a Classic I analog board and MLB. The MLB got an ultrasonic clean after recapping.


Without the RAM expansion installed, it boots to a screen with thin horizontal lines, then a repeating pattern that looks a bit like columns of - — ) The fan and HD runs, but no other noises can be heard.


With the RAM expansion installed, it boots to a screen with thick vertical bars, then the same repeating pattern as mentioned above. The fan and HD runs and eventually a "tick tick tick tick..." sound is heard from the speaker followed by a fast repetitive noise from the floppy drive which eventually stops.


5v and 12v are okay.

A known-good ROM swap made no change

All pins from UH6 were checked and it was replaced, but the symptom didn't change.


I'm guessing something is flaky with the RAM or its controllers, but not sure where to focus next. Any suggestions?






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Confirmed pin 7 of UA5 goes to ground when the button is pressed. 

Checked UH6 again, UL1, ram expansion pins, RAM address and data lines. 

if the traces are okay, is this likely to be Abad RAM chip or something else like UL1?


UH6 is the only one close to the leaked caps and that was already replaced.

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