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Liron card and unidisk 3.5 drives wont boot.. But isn't it supposed to?

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So I just got my first Liron / Apple 3.5" floppy controller card. As soon as i put the card in the system (slot 6 or 7) I was expecting it to behave like a 5.25" floppy drive and attempt a boot from the 3.5" drive. But the Card doesn't even register in the computer the way the 5.25" floppy controller does. The 5.25" controller at boot will show the Apple ][ at the top of the screen and attempt a boot or stay there. With the Liron card installed the computer always boots to a Basic Prompt. I can type in PR#6 and it will then attempt to boot the disk in the 3.5" drive. If I boot to ADTPro it sees the drive properly and can format and write to it.


I have no experience with these unidisk 3.5" drives or the liron card. I am only used to the dumber variant on the IIGS. Am I missing something or is this the way the drives are supposed to operate?

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Just as I said "PR#N" works fine.. But it wont autostart at all. I would assume if the autostart ROM was bad I would see other problems. My 5.25" controller card boots fine. When I have it and the liron card together in the system ADTPro can utilize both, but only the 5.25" autoboots. Something seems wrong.

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