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There is a Mac Mini 110W 18.5V 6A PSU going cheap near me. I have Mac Mini G4s and a spare PSU is always good to have.

The Mac Mini G4 uses an 85W 18.5V 4.6A PSU.

Does anyone use of the 110W 18.5V 6A PSUs with their Mac Mini G4 on a frequent basis?


@Daniël Oosterhuis reckons that it should work in this post. Can any one confirm or deny if this is a feasible idea?


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It works fine as far as I am aware, But I can't say I have ever used my 110W adapter on one of my G4 Minis


I can say electrically the 110W adapter will run the G4 mini just fine, I used big AIO power adapters that can deliver 6-7A or more on laptops that draw no more the about 3.5A max every day at work and have never had a single issue. A Morden switchmode PSU will deliver anything up to it's rated value with no issues. The only thing you need to check is that the pinout of the connector is the same which I am 99% sure it is

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I have used the 110w from my A1176 core2duo on my A1103 G4 with no problem....

I’ve seen someone say that they are not interchangeable, but the 110w worked fine on the A1103, but I don’t think the 65w will last long on the A1176 trying to pull 110w.....

I actually have a red tape mark on the end of the G4 PSU to warn myself..

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I got a little curious and got out my watt meter. With a 2009 Mac Mini and a 110 watt power supply I watched while the Mini booted. It was mostly a lot lower but there were some peaks at 40 watts. While running it varied from 14 to 30 watts  depending on what I was doing.

I thought that maybe playing a DVD would pull more but that was only 22 watts.

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