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B&W G3 CPU Swap and Jumper Question

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Hi all, quick question. I have a B&W G3 with the entry level 300mhz chip in it, and a parts donor with 400mhz chip with twice the L2 cache. Do I just need to switch the CPU card and the jumpers over to upgrade it or are the logic boards different and would require the whole board to be switched over?



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Hi Innes,


Switch the CPU and set the jumpers on the board to 400Mhz:




... I'd try 450Mhz first for the 400Mhz CPU :)


... keep in mind the 300Mhz board is probably a revision A board which has IDE issues; I'd check if your later 400Mhz is revision B: that's the board you want to keep and switch over entirely.



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Thanks for the response @Byrd, just given that a read, looks like a neat idea.

I've looked into the revisions, it would appear that both of these are Rev 2s, as the CMD chip is labled '646U2-402' as opposed to 'PCI646U2'.



I also tried putting the internal Zip over from the dead machine to the working one. Weirdly, when I tried that, it turned itself on when i plugged the machine in and refused to chime. Taking it out again sorted it out

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