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Macintosh 6100 - boot issues

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I swear I end up with the strangest issues.


Recently I tried to swap the 500mb hard drive with a larger 30gb 80 pin drive with an adapter. I *think* I may of had them set to the same scsi address, but I'm not sure. 

Bottom line is that the 6100 will chime, display a white screen and cursor, but it will not attempt to boot from anything. Internal hard drive, floppy drive, external CD drive. In fact it won't even eject a floppy. 

However it will boot when the internal hard drives are completely disconnected. The strangest part is that it can even boot from an external CD drive.


Anyone encountered this before or is the scsi controller just toast?

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9 hours ago, Alex said:

What happens if you put back the original drive?

Original drive - white screen,  doesnt attempt to boot


On 9/14/2020 at 7:22 PM, Unknown_K said:

Are there 2 SCSI chains on a 6100 or just one? Can it boot from the CD drive you kind of contradict yourself? Will it boot with the old drive?

It will not boot from anything unless the internal hard drive is disconnected. So it will boot from the CD drive when the internal drive has been taken out. It will not boot from the CD (or anything else) with the internal drive present 

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On 9/14/2020 at 7:13 PM, MrFahrenheit said:

Two things:  have you recapped your motherboard ?  Does your SCA80 adapter have at least 3 resister packs on it ?  Like this one:  https://www.datastoragecables.com/scsi/internaladapters/sca80/SM-028.html

It didn't have those resistor packs, but it was placed before the original boot drive (which does terminate itself)

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