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BYTEBOOSTERS Atari joystick converter for Apple II not working

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So I just got one of these: https://console5.com/store/byteboosters-sega-atari-snes-joystick-adapter-to-apple-ii-e-c-c-iigs.html


I've tested with two different Atari Joysticks with Mario Bros on Apple II+ and the jump button is always pressed (DPad / Joystick works fine).

Using an old Apple II joystick has no issues.


Anyone else have this issue or know how to get these converters working with Atari controllers correctly?

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On 9/4/2020 at 2:33 PM, bibilit said:

Don’t know but what’s the point of using Atari Joysticks when you can use the real one ? (Just a question)


on the real units both buttons are shorted to ground through resistors when pressed. 

Because Apple II controllers are super expensive and Atari controllers are made new to this day for super cheap.

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