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Macintosh Plus Performance Enhancement

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Being that it is very rare to find hardware upgrades for a mac plus, is there any programs/extensions that anyone can recommend to improve the speed or memory of a 68000 mac or am I just dreaming? I have heard of things like RamDoubler but do these programs actually work? I am trying to get the best performance out of my mac plus that I can. I already have 4 MB of RAM and am booting off of a SCSI2SD. Thanks!

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I am quite pleased with Mac Rominator and RAM disk's performance "boost". Waiting for 64 MB Rambus thing by Garrett. 

BTW has anyone thought about putting MC68HC000 based accelerator inside Plus? It's quite popular in Amiga and Atari ST worlds these days, these processors can go up to 50 MHz and give you around 4 MIPS, which is almost twice as fast as 16 MHz 020. 

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