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So was reading people got the official Floppy Emu working on Apple III with a converter cable.

However I see Chinese Floppy Emu devices that expanded on Floppy Emu and work in Apple II computers.

My question is doesn't anyone know if the card interface is the same on Apple III and Apple II for disk drives?


Wonder if this would work on Apple III: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Floppy-Disc-Drive-Emulator-with-Disk-ii-interface-for-Apple-ii-iie-iic-Laser128/143672823651

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So I made a cable based on this: https://www.bigmessowires.com/2017/01/25/floppy-emu-on-the-apple-iii/#comment-236297

Would be nice if someone would test this on Apple III+.


It works on internal and external drives BUT sadly you can't boot from external drive on Apple III so I want to see if there is a way to make an Apple IIc like adapter for Apple III.

So the "Steve Chamberlin" the FloppyEmu dev says the Apple IIc adapter re-routes the enable signal from the internal to the external disk and vice-versa. So maybe its possible to do the same thing with Apple III.

I can only find the pin-layout for Apple II but not Apple III: https://www.apple.asimov.net/documentation/hardware/misc/Apple II Disk Pinout.txt

Anyone know where I can find similar pin-layout for Apple III?


Here are pictures of the cable working allowing FloppyEmu to run on Apple III







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Finished my Internal to External converter complete with two-way switch just like IIc had.

I can now boot from external port with FloppyEmu or flip a switch and boot from internal.






Here is the switch that changes from internal to external drives.



Or I can disconnect converter box and just use system like normal by connecting these two wires (drive enable leads).



Also added cooling fan as I read these computers had overheating issues.

Also added heatsinks on chips that got super hot on the motherboard.


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