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Macintosh Portable Restoration Problems

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Good morning everyone from spain, I have restored a 1989 portable macintosh, model m5120, it has been recped, cleaned and baked following the teacher's instructions techknight. But I still do not work 100% perfect.
I tell you the problems he has to see if you can help me:
The first problem is the screen, after half an hour of use more or less it begins to darken until it becomes completely black; If I turn it off and leave it off for a long time, it returns to normal. I've checked the capacitors and they seem fine, I don't dare to disassemble the frame and I don't know what to do. I leave you some images of the screen when it begins to darken and with the loading icon.

The second problem is battery management.
The computer charges the battery, but it discharges quickly, the battery is rebuilt and it is new, in another of the portables that I have it works perfectly, but in this one the charge is intermittent and the icon charges - does not charge, and so on all the time If I unplug the power cord, the battery discharges (or says it discharges in 10 minutes). I don't know what to do either.
Any ideas? Some help? Thank you very much.




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Thank you very much techknight, I will try to wash the board well again, before doing anything else and I will to bake the board again at 175 degrees F which is about 80 degrees C for 15 or 20 minutes as I read in another of your post (will be enough temperature?), I will put photos as you said in another post. I was afraid of the screen that it had no solution, the truth is that the use that I give it does not matter much to me, but you always want everything to work perfectly and it is very difficult on machines over 30 years old I suppose. Thanks

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