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WTB/WTS: Apple External Video Connector Kit - Small Metal Bracket for rear Nubus/PCI Access Door

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I have an earlier (5200/75 era) Apple External Video Connector Kit (M4099LL/A) which seems to only have the large metal retainer bracket to mount the DB-15 VGA out port. Later version of this connector kit (5400/225 era - see https://usermanual.wiki/Apple/EarlierPowerMac.1073851292/html) also have the ‘Small Metal Bracket’ and ‘Small Metal bracket with Ribs’ and Jack Nuts included (see page 2.


As I am trying to add this to a 5500/225 via the lower small access slot on the rear (called “Nubus Card Access door” on those versions, but the 5500/225 is PCI only), the earlier kit I have doesn’t have one!


Hence hoping to buy those Small Brackets or swap them for the large bracket I have in my kit. Alternatively, are there other sources anyone knows where I could acquire a mounting bracket from other kits/sources? 

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8 hours ago, Byrd said:

You know, I might have the bracket as I never used it with my TAM (ended up cutting a hole out in my PCI USB card to fit it in) - but give me a few days to look, I'm back at work ...

Ta. Apparently there's an inside & outside small steel bracket and possibly even a plastic cover. Again, my version seems to pre-date these later models as the manual peaks out at 5400/75 and LC580 options (plus 'Nubus' slot references).  I did see some cheap newer kits in the USA for like $5 but the shipping is about $50 plus right now!

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