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A very late 040

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The big deal isn't what happened to the 6200 in 1997 (at only two years old) -- it's what happened to it from 2003 to now. Even among people who don't have any reason to think about this, you see all the time on social and in discussions "oh, those are bad, avoid them" when the 6200 gets mentioned, from people who read LEM once a decade ago and never thought that "left 32, right 32" was literally nonsense


A 6200 would have been "fine" online. Not great, merely fine. To be honest, they accept bigger (cheap, IDE) hard disks and use fairly obtainable RAM so in 1997-2002 or so a 6200 would have been fine for basic Internet-faring computing too.


(I mean, I was using an 840av with 1998-era software at varying times between 2001 and 2005, a 6200 should run all of that stuff that's available as PPC native better.)


Now, if it's 1999 and you're in a Computer Renaissance and a 6200 and 7200 are sitting next to each other and they have the same config and cost the same, you probably should get the 7200, but I bet that wasn't really a very common situation.


Professionally speaking, Dan Knight, LEM's founder and editor styles himself as a technical writer and allowing the Power Macintosh 6200/5200 pages to sit on the site for as long as they have, uncorrected until a month or two ago, is a huge oversight. If the dates on this are correct, the machine was only two years old when these accusations were lobbied against it, and then they sat, being reinforced by not getting updated (and, more people wrote further articles with further outlandish claims) for 23 years.


It's not about resale values, it's about a shared perception of reality being damaged by people who didn't understand what the things they were writing meant.

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From about 2001-2003 I alternated between using a Performa 475, PM 6100/60, and a 6200/75 on the internet (with a dial-up modem, mostly with NetZero). They were still usable, especially for AIM and light web use, though the G3MT and blueberry iBook I bought at the end of '03 were quite a bit better, especially once Flash and JavaScript pretty much took over everything. If I could still use the AIM client for 68k Macs, I would.


On topic, I recently bought a Performa 640 DOS because a; it has the crazy DOS subsystem that plugs into the '040 socket and PDS slot, and b; it's one of the good dual-slot RAM models. The Pioneer MPC-LX100 also used these dual-slot RAM boards (though AFAIK they didn't offer a DOS variant) but they used a full '040 instead of the typical LC chip found in most 6xx-based machines.

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