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Arcade Adapter for Mac*Man

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This little thing connected to the DB9 mouse port of pre-ADB Macs:





and allowed you to play Mac Man using an Atari Joystick.


I just tried plugging my custom gamepad and running the game, but it will show that it doesn't recognize its adapter. Perhaps the normally unused pin of the DB9 connector is set high with this adapter by linking it to the 5V pin? It's hard to say without having access to the interior of that casing (I don't own such an adapter).




I also found a reference to that game and adapter in a MacUser August edition of 1987



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The Mac Plus schematic indicates that pin 6 is not connected at all. Here’s a thought—what happens if you plug in a regular mouse and hold down the button when launching the game? It could be as simple as Mac•Man checking for the mouse button being held down (pin 7 being grounded), on the assumption that players wouldn’t do that while opening the game.

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Right after double clicking to launch the game, I tried a 3rd, held click, but it seemed to have no effect. There are several spots where it might do some kind of check. Before the splash screen, during it, after it. after selecting PLAYER 1 from the menu (that's when it tells you it can't detect a joystick and shows you the keyboard control layout). 


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On 7/23/2020 at 6:45 AM, NJRoadfan said:

ion routines. Annoying, but doable. Bei

What kind of custom controller is it?  Just having the Atari plug doesn't mean Atari compatible.  Systems like the Genesis and the Vertex have the same plug, but are electrically different.  Easiest solution is to get an Atari 2600 joystick and try it out.

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