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Question mark over checkerboard pattern on SE

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This SE has a flashing question mark *on top of* a checkerboard pattern on an SE. The MLB looks like it was reworked, maybe to support different RAM configs?


I tried removing each set of RAM and swapping them around. Any config other than both installed results in various sad Mac codes.


Any ideas where the trouble might be?




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Elsewhere on the forum I believe mention of a similar problem with checkboard pattern pointed to bad address multiplexers.  You could try replacing the address multiplexers and see if that works, but I'd defer to looking at that forum post first.  Here is the link to the forum post I saved on my personal blog, but alas, the link is broken!  Go fish and see if you can search it out of the forum.



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Ah, yes, link hacking magic, the working link has been restored.  Yes, it's an SE/30 instead of an SE.  But I see there is SE/30 on your exterior case from the photo.  (No mention of checkerboard here actually, but helpful advice.)



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Note about SE/30 in photo, clarification
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On 7/23/2020 at 11:35 AM, quorten said:

I see there is SE/30 on your exterior case from the photo.

This is a regular SE board in a SE/30 case.


18 hours ago, LaPorta said:

Does the thing actually boot past the floppy question mark?

Yes it works fine with the jumper off and 4MB RAM installed. It doesn't work with the jumper on and 2.5MB RAM installed.

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