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Things Paulie bought that he didn't really need

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Starting a generic thread because I have a feeling it's going to grow.


Time for the first entry in 'tales from Paulie's living room floor'.


So it was a productive weekend in terms of beige Macintosh acquisition. After losing out on a decently spec'd but overpriced LC475 on eBay due to the seller refusing to actually let me have it for the winning bid (that's a story in and of itself), I decided to reinvest the money in something else. Not very long later I found a Power Macintosh G3 (of the beige variety) a reasonable distance away. Three hours later; I had it in my possession.



Condition wise; it's in excellent condition considering it's age. According to the label on the back, it started life as a G3/266, but thanks to a Sonnet thingy it's now a 366. Which is nice. Got 512MB RAM, which in theory could go to 768MB if I was determined enough. Has a non-original 80GB Seagate IDE HDD, Apple IDE CD-ROM, floppy (which works, amazingly), and a Zip drive which I haven't tested yet due to lack of disks.


I've chucked 9.2.2 on it, seems appropriate for the age and spec. Technically it could handle OSX, but I think it would start to struggle.


Here it is running. 



That was Saturday. On Sunday, I had a visit from joshc, who had sold me his 8200/120 that needs some help.




For the uninitiated, the 8200 is basically a 8100 in a tower case, that wasn't sold in North America. This particular one has seen a little too much time near the sun, and has what I'm calling Plastic Leprosy. Anything plastic is very brittle, and Josh supplied me with a bag of plastic parts that have already fallen off. 


The reason I have it is that the PSU is toast (literally, see Josh's thread), and Josh has too many other projects on the go to give this one the love and attention it deserves. Originally I was considering building some sort of ATX swap arrangement for it; but luckily I found a PSU (from a 9500 which appears to use the same one) on eBay, so have snapped that up and waiting for it to arrive. Honestly it's unknown if this thing even works, but if it does, I'll tidy it up (including gluing some of the plastic bits back together), and I think 8.6 would be appropriate. Still not ruling out engineering a ATX adaptor for it, though, especially since I have the dead PSU to harvest the wires/connectors from.


Check out the size of this PSU. Absolute chonker.



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Good catch. The 8200 is one of the few Power Macs I still need for a complete collection. Sadly the only one I have seen in person was in rough shape like yours and I didn't realize they were basically Euro-only models and so difficult to find, so I didn't buy it. Oops. Not that anyone is missing much by the fact that they weren't sold in the States: as you notice, it's just a 7200 board in a terrible tower case. I have seen very few of the Q800-style cases with their CDROM bezels still attached and power buttons intact. Maybe we could ask @maceffects to mold us some new ones.

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8 hours ago, Franklinstein said:

I have seen very few of the Q800-style cases with their CDROM bezels still attached and power buttons intact.

I do have the power button and the CDROM bezel, except they require some attention from some glue. I'll put it all back together properly if the machine turns out to work.

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I had to replace my 8500 case over 15 years ago because of brittle plastic (especially the power button), the replacement still works but I rarely use it.


The Beige G3 MT along with the 8600 and 9600's are great cases and mine at least don't seen to fall apart like the 8500/9500 do.

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And now for something I really didn't need and spent too much money on.


SE/30 in 'extra mature' yellow. 4MB RAM, 20MB HDD (working!), currently running 6.0.8 but that'll change. It's a little 'used' cosmetically but nothing above some light scrapes and general yellowing. The seller claims it's been recapped too, so I can't complain too much.




I've rather overspent on the vintage Macs this month so I won't be doing anything particularly drastic to it for now. Next month, however, I'll up the RAM to 32MB and get looking for an A/UX-compatible network card.

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I can't help myself sometimes. Met @Damian Ward today (lovely chap) and came away with a rare Workgroup Server 8550 (effectively a 8500 with the AV stuff removed) that needs a bit of work, and a Quicksilver G4 (733MHz). Unfortunately life means I won't be able to get around to the 8550 for a few weeks, but I've got the G4 fired up and it is excellent.



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Wow I really have not kept this thread up to date with things I've ended up with. So recently I came across a listing for a bunch of printers and miscellaneous other things; and ended up winning it for the starting bid (£50). Spent the morning today testing everything. (Also got a working and nicely yellowed AEK2 from the same guy).


So in this lot there is:


2x Personal LaserWriter 320. One of them is a bit beaten up and flashes a continuous error code, the second needed a paper tray and rear cover because of broken plastics, but otherwise works, so I've combined them into one working one. Still have a parts machine and plenty of toner. Also there's a NIB toner too, so I don't think I'll need to source another one ever.


20SC (20MB SCSI HDD) - Works perfectly. Got a 6.0.8 install on it, and appears to have come from University of Strathcylde, according to an old MS Word installation on it. Makes all the good vintage HDD sounds too.


AppleCD 300 - Works perfectly, however the caddy-loader drive is picky about the media. Originals or nothing, basically.


AppleCD 150 - Think the PSU is on the way out, but it does work. The drive powers up but doesn't want to know about anything else. Will probably fix the PSU and fit a CD600 drive into it so it's more useful.


Apple ImageWriter - Looks a bit rubbish but works perfectly, no stuck or broken pins. Needs a new ribbon but that's no hardship. Will clean this up and rehome it with someone who can actually use it; it can only connect over DB25 serial and I don't have a machine (or the converter cable) that will run it. Did it's self-test print with no problems, however, so I'm confident it'll play nice with a computer.


Apple Scanner - The original. Powers up and can talk to a computer, but the lamp is dead. I'll look into how feasible it is to replace (as in parts availability, actually swapping the lamp is really easy), but not confident. It's also the heaviest thing in this list by a long way.


Couple of StyleWriter inkjets - I honestly haven't even noted the models because whilst they came with this lot, I won't be keeping them. Not only do I not have the patience to unclog ancient print heads, but I didn't get the power supplies with these either. I may get some hate for this, but they're just Apple-branded 90s Bubblejets at the end of the day, so no massive loss.



2021-02-22 17.47.06.jpg

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Oh man, I had a Personal LaserWriter 320. Really beautiful printer. Unfortunately, it was dropped by someone helping me move once and the plastics shattered and stupidly I just got rid of it. I'd buy one in a heartbeat if it came up again.


Printed most of my assignments for school on a StyleWriter 1200. Finicky thing as I remember, even when relatively new...

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On 2/22/2021 at 9:11 PM, Rick Dangerous said:

An OEM Apple scanner is a pretty cool piece of hardware too; can't be too many around left working. 


Further investigation into the scanner reveals that the bulb isn't dead, it's missing entirely. Not entirely sure what I'll do as some research reveals it uses unobtainium Toshiba bulbs that appear to exist just for this; I've found some on eBay but they're in the 'states and they want a ridiculous amount for shipping. I already have a SCSI flatbed that's considerably better than this one, so in two minds of what to do with it. The best plan I've come up with so far is to put it in my storage unit and worry about it later.

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19 hours ago, Trash80toHP_Mini said:

Ah, love the originals, not the later models. The WC coupled with ThunderScan was quite the beast at the dawn of desktop publishing. Such fond memories of it. Don't let go of that  working ImageBanger, the later versions seem a dime a dozen by comparison.


I am letting go of it, but it's going to someone who will appreciate it and will live on attached period-correct hardware, as the deity intended.

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I got one of these original ImageWriters a few years ago.  It was evidently moved around a lot, as it came in a nice, apparently purpose-built carry case, similar to the kinds of bags one would tote a compact around in.



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