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Where can I find a IIe Software Archive - with a twist

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The twist is that it isn't for an Apple II.  It isn't for an emulator either.  What I'd like is an easy way to get ProDOS disk images, or software, in a format that can be readily installed on a Macintosh LCIII with an Apple II card installed.


There are lots of sources of Apple II software on the internet, but when I try to copy the files onto my LCIII it almost always ends in failure.  Does anyone know where I can get software in the right format, or an easy procedure to convert archives of software on the internet into the right format?  All help gratefully received!

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2 hours ago, VMSZealot said:

Macintosh LCIII with an Apple II card

I have an Apple IIe card and haven't had issues.   I assume you have ProDos partitions?




I've also had good luck creating 32mb ProDos formated images with cider press https://a2ciderpress.com/

I copy these to my mac then mount with shrinkwrap, then copy from the mounted image to my ProDos partition. Been meaning to finish that guide.

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