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Macintosh Portable Display Interchangability

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Hi, I have a 5126 with a broken display ribbon cable.  Is it possible to fit the more common 5120 non-backlit display?  The connector on the logic board is similar but not the same.  Are pinout diagram available for

this connector?


Otherwise, if someone has a spare backlit ribbon cable I’m interested...



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this is a very common problem. I dont have time these days unfortunately, but someone needs to model and clone this cable, as it can be run through some of the flat flex PCB services in China. 


I did create a cross chart between the two displays, but I need to dig it up. I use a non-backlit display to test backlit portable boards as I only have 1 backlit portable that I dont want to keep taking apart to test these boards. 

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so, i have a non backlit mainboard with a backlit screen. it has a card in the ROM slot with i guess the backlight driver and a strange cable. Was this some aftermarket solution or an upgrade to the older models?

i sadly don't have a better picture of the display cable, but the wires from the card and the connector that goes to the mainboard are soldered onto the flatflex that is connected to the screen



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