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PowerBook Duo 250 death chimes

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Hi all. I recently acquired a PB Duo 250. It had to sit in a drawer for a few months before I could get to it, partly because all my PSUs for Duos are in storage.


I now have a working PSU but on boot all I get are death chimes. Apple service manual says this is a memory issue... and to replace the logic board. Obviously I would prefer to rescue this board rather than do that.


It also has no video showing on the display.


I replaced all the electrolytic caps and gave the board's top and bottom a general clean with IPA but still the same issue.


I've also tried booting with and without an add-on memory board.


Any ideas?


Should I deep clean the board?


Should I replace caps in the screen?


Could it be an old PSU causing the issue by not supplying the right voltage/current? (I can test this easily)


Any ICs or other components I should be checking?

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