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Powerbook 1400c time reset (internal battery?)

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Hello. I  am really enjoying my newly acquired  PowerBook 1400c.

However, each time I unplug the power, its time resets to early 20th century :-(

Searching the Forums this appears to be due a dead internal battery.

Is this assumption true and, if so, can the battery be replaced?

Thank you ... and stay safe :-) 

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Sounds right to me.  You can find instructions for how to get to the battery in the Service Source manual here: http://tim.id.au/laptops/apple/powerbook/powerbook_1400_series.pdf


I can vouch that these instructions are decent and reasonably clear - I just de-batteried my mother's old 1400 recently using it, and it's fine.  You do need to take quite a bit of the laptop to bits to do so, but the only really fiddly bit is plugging the trackpad cable back in (which, at least for me, clumsy, required a lot of swearing).


I'm not sure what you'd replace it with, but it's basically two button cells of some description in a bit of heatshrink with some wires on it - I don't tend to replace CMOS batteries personally, just remove them to stop them leaking everywhere, but I'm sure someone else here knows what the cells are.

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