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Good & reasonable HDMI scaler: Extron RGB-HDMI 300(A)

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35 minutes ago, JDW said:

You appear to be speaking about tweaking the Extron 300A, correct


Yes—there are settings to tweak to make sure that you're sampling the video properly on the Extron 300A.  It has test patterns on the device so you can make sure that your LCD is displaying the output from the scaler right (the installation manual talks you through this) and once you've got those right, you should only need to tweak settings on the Extron itself; it will keep outputting the resolution and frame rate you asked it to regardless of what's coming in.


35 minutes ago, JDW said:

By the way, I am using the following adapter so as to be compatible with VGA...


I'm using one of the 10 dip switch adapters, but I've also had luck with the multisync ones with no DIP switches at all.  As far as the computer is concerned, the Extron just looks like a multisync monitor. Again, you can tweak the EDID that it sends to the computer, though I've never actually done that.


35 minutes ago, JDW said:

VGA LCD input


Note that the Extron is a digitiser as well as a scaler, so its output is (depending on the model you get) either HDMI or DVI, not VGA.  This is one of the reasons it tends to produce good results even on reasonably cheap LCDs, because it's bypassing all the analogue decoding circuitry in the LCD.


35 minutes ago, JDW said:

but based on prices I am seeing on EBAY, that would be a US$200 purchase for me (with shipping to Japan) — more than 3x the cost of the Dell refurb I mentioned.  With no guarantee it would make the display look better, I'm not sure it is the most prudent purchase for me.  Hmmm...


At $200, it is certainly a much less compelling purchase.  Mine was local and was between £50 and £60 including postage, which was a bargain.  For $200, I am less sure.  (Though since it is HDMI output—I don't know how your capture setup works for videos, but it might make life easier there too?  I am out of my depth here.)


In retrospect, given the use I've got out of it, I probably would have paid $200, but I'm not sure I would if I'd only wanted it for one machine.  I have it mounted under my desk, and I just plug in whichever machine I'm using at the time, so I use it all the time.  If you are not going to be in that position, I agree, the price seems perhaps a little high.

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