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Apple M0130 external 400K floppy drive DOCUMENTATION

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Hmmm... Lots of views of this thread, but no replies.  Well, perhaps I can stimulate the discussion with some 400K drive schematics a friend emailed to me today.  It seems to closely match the big PCB shown here.  Even so, there are differences.  For example, the schematic mentions IC106, but if you look at my photo, you see IC108 instead.  The schematic doesn't match my older version big PCB very well at all.


If any of you have access to additional schematics or the drive documentation (for example, documentation that came with the 400K external drive), please chime in!


Lastly, I have a question for you.  The following information from Apple Service Source talks about a hack to allow the 800K drive to eject when you have the mouse button held down at cold boot:




I want to know if there is a similar hack for the 400K external drive.  Anyone?

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