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Connecting a Mac Plus to SE/30 via LocalTalk

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So long as it's a twisted cable (with transmit<->receive and vice versa), you'll be fine.  Normal rules for stringing computers together with serial cables, basically.  I believe a printer cable should do the job absolutely fine, but they did do 8-pin straight-through cables too, so if the first cable you try doesn't work, just try another.


The only thing the LocalTalk connector kit does is the relevant electrical gubbins to make you able to plug multiple computers together.  There's nothing digital in that box at all.

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Thanks folks! I connected the two computers and they are sharing files via AppleTalk just fine.


For posterity, I'll note my procedure.

  1. SE/30 is running System 7.1.
  2. Plus is running 6.0.8 installed with the AppleTalk workstation option selected.
  3. Turn on AppleTalk on both computers in the Chooser.
  4. Turn off the computers, plug in the printer cable to the printer port on each computer, and restart.
  5. On the SE/30 > Control Panels > Users & Groups, I made a new user called "Plus" with a password.
  6. In Control Panels > Sharing Setup, input Owner Name, Owner Password, Macintosh Name, and click Start under File Sharing.
  7. Selecting hard drive I wanted to share, I selected the menu File > Sharing..., checked "Share this item and its contents", and tightened the permissions a bit more than the default, which allows everyone to write.
  8. Back on the Plus, I went to Chooser > AppleTalk and double clicked the SE's network identity, logging in as the user I created above in the SE's Users & Groups control panel.
  9. Access the share by double-clicking the icon for it created on the desktop.
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