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Newton Connection Utilities

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Hello. I have a basic question. 

I wish to connect my PowerBook 1400c / OS8.5 to my Newton 2 via Newton Connection Utilities 2.0.

The obstacle is how to de-select my Stylewriter II printer in the Chooser so that I stop getting the message 'serial port in use' when trying to connect the Newton (via a serial cable and Newton adapter).

Does that make sense? Thank you.

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5 minutes ago, mvallance said:

Yes... that worked. I restarted the Powerbook too. 

AppleTalk defaults to using the serial port as its network interface.  So if AppleTalk is turned on and you haven't selected the Ethernet port or there is no Ethernet port it will prevent anything else from using it :-).  That's why turning AppleTalk off worked.

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