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Display Feet? (iBook G4)

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I noticed that, when open, the upper right and left corners have holes with the remnants of what I assume were feet of some kind to keep the v

case from touching?  Maybe to prevent the keyboard touching the screen or to prevent scratches?  Regardless, they are gone.


Were they just rubber feet?  They weren't magnetic or anything to put the computer to sleep if the display was closed, were they?  I suspect not but with both missing I cannot be 100% certain.


Does anyone make replacement feet?  Since that's doubtful, does anyone have a photo of them as well as maybe the thickness?  I can probably find some replacement stick-on feet; just need to get the right thickness and, preferably, something resembling the originals.



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I left my caliper at school before things were shut down, but here's a pic of the little rubber nubbin on my 14" iBook G4. Hope it helps!


They are indeed just rubber feet. The screen turning off and computer sleep is handled by the reed switch along the right-hand side of the lid assembly, and a magnet in the lower case of the iBook. Just simple, plain rubber. They tend to turn to mush or dry out over the years. My 12" PowerBook's nubbins are crusty and splatted out, but for some reason the iBook's are still firm and perfect. Go figure!



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