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Homebrew IIfx RAM - Did anyone finish making these?

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I saw this thread, but user fraveydank stopped posting here years ago.


Has anyone else attempted to make new IIfx RAM?  Even they sold for $50 for a single 16MB SIMM, that'd still be a bargain right now.


Edit:  Just saw THIS thread.


@joethezombie  made some.  If I can source the parts, can someone guide me through who/how I send the files to?

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I made myself some 2-layer SIMMs for the IIfx based on the 4-layer design joe used.

Couldn‘t get them to work yet but I also went for the cheapest non-gold plated PCB option so I suspect they do make very bad contact.

Stopped to care after a few tries because 32MB is actually enough for my IIfx.

Gotta dig those out and see if I can actually get them to work.


In the end the hard part won’t be making the PCBs but sourcing the dual ported RAM chips you need in large enough quantities.

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Hi guys!  After success with Doug's design, I found some NOS memory, and had a bunch of PCBs and a stencil made!



Unfortunately, let's just say it's been a very challenging start of the year for me.  I've had some serious events happen lately, and I've had to let some things take to the back burner.   I'll see if I can find these items, and have a chip baking party.  It might be a wee bit though.   Sorry!

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11 hours ago, Unknown_K said:

32MB is plenty but if you are going to make SIMMs you might as well make the maxed out ones (you don't need both banks filled anyway).


Any clue how many working IIfxs are out there in the world? 1000's, 100's?

How many working IIfx are there?  Very good question!  Also, working when sold or working after fixing?  I have two IIfx machines myself, and I’ve seen at least 5 others on eBay just in the past 6 months. So on eBay alone in the last 6 months at least 7 (including my 2). 

That to me indicates there are a lot more than just 100. 

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