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JRL's Conquests

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Now that I'm actively collecting again, I figured I'd post an active conquests thread.


I've been slowly picking up the majority of one of my good friend's collections for free, with the understanding that I'd help him recap the machines that he is keeping in exchange. Here's what I've picked up so far that I haven't posted about in previous conquest threads (not included in this post were some machines that I gave away to @68krazy, it was great meeting you again!)


Previous related conquest threads:



Classic II

Physically really clean, but has a board that I haven't been able to revive even with recapping and cleaning the board extensively (removed some chips most recently and cleaned under them as well)



Had a battery explosion unfortunately. While the board is fixable, it has pretty serious white acid residue all over the board so I replaced it with another FDHD board I picked up from same friend later. With the new board it works great!


SE Dual FDD with Radius Accelerator 16 and Radius TPD card + the TPD monitor

Not booting presently, going to look into it very soon.



Recapped and works fine but floppy drives have weird behavior on the board post recap. I just picked up a new IIcx board so I'll be recapping that board and putting it in but keeping the old one as a backup.


Personal Laserwriter (with LS board)

Personal Laserwriter 320

Color Stylewriter 1500


Box with the remainder of my friend's Mac HDD brackets

Box with the remainder of my friend's Compact Mac motherboards (including 2 SE FDHD boards, 2 normal SE boards, 3-4 Plus boards, and 2 512k boards), as well as LC III/LC II/Laserwriter IIg/6100/Centris 650 boards. One of these boards I put in the above FDHD.

Box with the remainder of my friend's Mac power supplies (IIsi/several SE/Q950)

Quadra 950 drive rail

Box with various PB 5xx parts (built a working 540 from the parts and should be able to have a functioning 520 soon)


There were a lot of other misc parts included as well that I can't remember at this moment.


eBay/online purchases:

brand new IIcx motherboard, kind of overpaid for this one but happy to just get something that I can recap and not worry about ;)

x2 400k external drives

boxed IIsi Nubus adapter

boxed Kensington Turbo Mouse 4.0


SCSI2SD PB Edition

various PB 500 parts

PowerBook 150 JEDI memory adapter

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More of a "re-conquest" of sorts but I had to share as I'm pretty happy!


So some of you might recall when I picked up a huge lot of PowerBooks, including 7 2400s (technically 6 complete units (1 Mighty Cat and 1 boxed Japanese 2400c/180) and 1 fully disassembled one), for a pretty great deal. I sold one of the working ones to @jonpurdy recently and now with the stay-at-home order finally got a chance to look at one of the dead ones (GLOD when reset button was pressed).


It wound up having a bad CPU - I put in the spare G3 that I got in the same bulk deal and it booted right up. Unfortunately I do get an occasional cache error on startup but it's worked awesome so far. Plus as a bonus this 2400c already had a 120 GB Seagate HD installed along with a 64MB module, as well as a few neat extras in the bag it came with.








Now, I just have two more dead 2400cs to go... if anybody has a spare stock CPU for sale I would be grateful!

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That's great to hear! I caused a brief GLOD when I installed my SD to IDE adaptor; ended up just needing to reseat the CPU module and it was fixed. I replaced all the missing screws, picked up an Asante PCMCIA Ethernet card which works well in 7.6.1, and I've got a Japanese keyboard and a StyleWriter 2200 on their way from Japan now (I actually needed a printer for the few times per year I print a return label). I love this thing.


If you (or anyone else reading) want to sell a spare 2400 battery, I'd love to pick one up (even if dead) so I can get it refurbished.


Pretty cool that you've got a Genesis MP, especially one that used to belong to Dan Knight!


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Picked up more stuff from same friend for free:


2 IIcis (both are pretty rough/non working - I've recapped one so far but there are some remaining issues)

1 Macintosh II (with Orchid MacSprint II cache upgrade, dead, replacing batteries soon!

2 Apple High Resolution 13" monitors

1 Multiple Scan 15" 


If anybody has any info on the MacSprint II card definitely let me know, it's supposed to use an additional control panel but unfortunately this II came to my friend without a hard drive 15+ years ago.

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I've just about backed up the entire MacWorld/MacUser archives. I've been wondering about the possibility of turning the PDF into yearly documents or even the entire collections in big PDFs for searching?


@JRL Fabulous finds, especially the BookENDZ dock, is that for the 2400? I love those things. I have 'em for my 1400s and Pismo, which are probably the only 'Books I'd display or set up that way. Pismo's on a KBD drawer ATM.

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@jonpurdy Wow, that's crazy you ended up with one too! Still on the hunt for the control panel but I'm hoping I'll find it soon.


@Trash80toHP_Mini Yup, it is for the 2400c! It's not groundbreaking in terms of port options, but it does have the floppy Molex cable for the external FDD built into the dock which is nice as they're so hard to find if your 2400c FDD is missing the cable.


I recapped the Mac II and installed a set of new batteries (also patched a totally gone trace), it's running great now. It has a really cool non-standard HD sled that can accommodate a FH 5.25 SCSI HD, so I'm going to pick one up just to put it to good use. 

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Tried my hand at a Freecycle ad again and got lucky this time over the past few weeks.


Picked up the following for free:

Macintosh Plus system (no KB but came with mouse, external FDD, Jasmine SCSI HD, bag)

-Apparently bought used in the early 90s but she wound up never using the Plus. Works great.

iBook G3 Tangerine + accessories box

-works great, has 10.3 on it but I plan on downgrading to 9. 320 mb ram and stock HD. Great shape minus some of the typical plastic cracking near the LCD logo and handle.


-haven't checked specs but seems complete.

two floppy boxes worth of original software

-nothing too exciting but had Print Shop Deluxe 1.0 disks which I had been looking for


Also supposed to get a dead SE/30 and 6500/275 soon, so I'm excited for those too!

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@rplacd it really depends. When I started collecting 10+ years ago it was a lot easier, I think I just got really lucky around now. Still worth a try nowadays!

also, brought home the SE/30. Pretty good shape  minus it not working just yet, but I’m not complaining for free either.




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  • 68kMLA Supporter

Free SE/30? What kind of alternate reality do you live in and how do I get there?


Is there a particular way you word your Freecycle ad?

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@joshc Believe it or not, this SE/30 was actually posted as an offer post! Though I had a wanted ad ongoing at the same time (all of the things I mentioned in the prior post came from replies to the ad). You bet that I immediately jumped on the opportunity when I saw the post.


My general ad just expressed a general interest in vintage Apple/Mac stuff along with an offer to help recover data if needed.


I fixed up the SE/30 - it had a bad flyback/burned transistors on the AB and due to the fact that new flybacks seem to be nigh impossible to find I just swapped the analog board out with a spare I had (as well as replaced the PSU with a Sony unit). Recapped the LB and it's working great now.



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Picked up a bunch of things as of lately:


@rushfan82 very kindly gifted me a Classic II and a rough B&W G3 for free - thank you so much and it was great meeting you! The Classic needs a lot of work but I'll give it my best shot.


Also picked up some more items through Buyee:

Macintosh Classic II FPU card - this was only $10!

Boxed (card is brand new) Sonnet Tempo ATA/133 card

Boxed ATI Radeon 7000

Boxed USB/FW/Ethernet card

32MB PB 5xx card

48MB Duo card

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Also on another note... I bought a "dead" PB Duo 270c for $25 shipped BIN on eBay. Tried it with my yoyo adapter and it booted up ;)




Another nice bonus was in store for me as well:




It only had a 8MB module installed, but not complaining at all considering I got a working 270c and a 1.2gb drive/IDE-SCSI PB bridge for $25!!

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I got a fixer CCII as a bday gift from my sister from Buyee - unfortunately the CRT got wrecked in shipping. 


Thankfully, someone who I purchased my Portrait monitor from hooked me up with a good deal.


For $100 I picked up the following:

CC - bad analog board - was recapped and still has garbled output, no mobo

CC - not working 

Dual FDHD SE with Total Systems Mercury accelerator


6o9M0cs.thumb.jpg.bfd598241d069736d40452a003a7992e.jpgHe also has a pretty tricked out 512k with MacSnap upgrades and an internal SCSI HD - will probably pick that up my next trip.


For now, going to try and combine the CCs into a nice working system and take a CRT to repair my II. In the meantime if somebody has the ability to print out a new Total Systems case badge (or has an original) please let me know!


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Part 2 of the same conquest:


512k with internal SCSI HD/external SCSI port/upgraded RAM/ROMs (not 100% working atm)

Performa 575 (no MB)

Performa 575

Some internal/external SCSI HDs

12" RGB monitor - very yellowed and with cut off cable - hope to resplice a new cable soon


Paid $150 for these, really happy!





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Made a major purchase that I wanted ever since I first heard about the 550c from the Cult of Mac book years ago -


I picked up a Powerbook 550c with the box and manuals for a grayscale 520 for $350 shipped from Japan.


It had some minor cosmetic damage to the screen from a leaking PRAM battery ("vinegar syndrome"), unfortunately, but otherwise is in pretty great shape! Already upgraded it to 40MB of RAM and the original 750 MB HD works great.



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Big news...


Picked up a PowerBook 100 system from CL a week or so ago, recapped everything and fixed the HD as usual and it works great. 


It turns out that the guy who sold me the PB worked for component engineering for Apple for a while on quite a few projects, including the Newton 1xx series. He sold me the rest of his Newton stuff, including his prototypes.




There were 9 Newtons in total that all were apparently used in the dev process but these are the most notable ones. The clear Newton has a normal front as he swapped the front out (his preference)

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