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The biggest haul I’ve ever made.

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Today, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Adam Rosen’s former residence for the flea market. Everything there was listed as not worth selling, and everything was available for free. Personally, I was thrilled to walk away with the following (machines were listed as not working):



-Power Mac G4 Server

-Multiple MacWrite/Project boxed sets, disks and tapes intact. System 6.0.8 boxed.

- About 12 1.4 MB/800k auto inject Sony drives. Unknown as to function.

-Four 400k drives (probably don’t work) as well as two empty 400k drive cases.

-Two not so great shape HD20 SCs.

-Various ADB keyboards.

-One original Mac keyboard, and two number pads.

-About 10 original phone jack serial keyboard cords. 
-M0100 mouse with original fat connector.

-Mac Portable power adapter.

- PowerBook monitor adapters (about five).

- PowerMac AudioVision adapters.

-About 10 Mac 128k/512k/Plus/SE logic boards in various states (I’ll bet all need repairs).

-One SE/30 logic board which appears to have been re-capped, must have some sort of issue.

-Radius NuBus care of some sort.

-Various Apple-branded cables.

- Two boxes of Apple disks and CDs, including a ton of Apple Sales Resource disks.

-Every volume of Inside Macintosh.

-The last Larry Pina books I didn’t have.

-ResEdit reference book, second edition of Family Hardware, etc, etc.


Also not pictured


- Six compact Mac 9” CRTs (all appear intact).

- Seven or eight Mac 128k-Plus and SE logic boards and power supplies.


In all my life, I’ve never come across a more awesome or cool pile of stuff that was “not worth listing for sale” and was otherwise destined for the dump!


Over the next few weeks, I’ll probably need help figuring out what some of this stuff is.


Here’s hoping my wife doesn’t kill me...















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1 minute ago, krishnadraws said:

Great haul! What are your plans for all this amazing tech?

Honestly: spread the wealth. In my usual way, when it’s time to part with things (when I catalog it all), I’ll either sell as-is for a low price or if I’ve repaired it charge a it for my time and effort. I want these things to go out to the community to help with restorations and to keep our machines running. I also think it fair to make a bit on the side for my time and effort to go through and test/repair things.


I also just discovered a treasure trove of machine Install CDs and other such discs. Those will be imaged and sent to VTools for archiving. This could take me more than a year, if I am being realistic.

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7 hours ago, sstaylor said:

And kudos to the heirs.

Yes, I want to make it clear that I am extremely thankful to them, and to Mr. Rosen (posthumously) as well.


I'll post more here as I tease out what is in there. Especially with the software, I just took, and would ask questions later.

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Well done and congratulations.

A haul is exhilarating. I've had two so far and I am happy for you.

I almost sold a dual Bernoulli drive for next to nothing to Adam some years' back. I couldn't really test because I had no Bernoulli disk and the postage was something phenomenal. These are heavy things.

I'm glad that his items are going to good homes.

I (and half the community here) would love that IIfx, if you're not going to keep it.

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12 hours ago, LaPorta said:

Today, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Adam Rosen’s former residence for the flea market.

Thanks for coming!


I hope everyone will be following the items for sale on eBay. We'll ultimately have ~100 listings for some great things with reasonable starting bids, and making a purchase would be a great way to show appreciation for the efforts of Adam and his family.

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3 minutes ago, Unknown_K said:

How does a IIfx end up in the pile of not worth selling?


The sales DVDs should be ripped to ISO and dumped at archive.org 


1: You got me. I saw it and grabbed it with no questions asked. I didn't care what was inside.


2: All materials are going to be archived and uploaded to various sites. At the end of it, a real archivist can have the discs. I'm running out of space.

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Organized the floppies. Incredible amount of early system revisions piled under the system software stack. Hopefully it’s all still readable too. If anyone wants the Lisa disks, I don’t need them. Anyone need an image of the PowerCache IIci disk?


Also: there’s a bunch of audio tapes with the MacWrite, etc boxes. Has anyone recorded these? I can bust out my tape deck and digitize them.


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