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Based on the photo of a Mac Classic below, I'm guessing the stock fan in the Classic & Classic II must be 60mm x 25mm like the SE & SE/30, but can anyone confirm this?

I assume it's a 2-wire fan that doesn't use PWM.




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Thank you for the confirmation.


I purchased the Noctua NF-A4x25 PWM for use in Compact Macs, which does not include the special pass-thru connector for the 4-pin HDD power plug. It's easy to solder 2 wires, so connection wasn't an issue on my SE/30 analog board.  I wrote to Noctua prior to my purchase and asked why the current consumption of the PWM version is less than the NF-A4x24 FLX, and all they said is: "because the motor is different."  For that reason alone, I chose the PWM.  Whether PWM or FLX, it's only 2-wire connection in the SE or SE/30.  I have no idea if noise levels are different though, but both the PWM and FLX run at the same 3000rpm max fan speed.


Anyway, thank you!

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