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SE/30 + AppleCD unimplemented trap

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I'm running into a strange issue when using my AppleCD 600e with my SE/30 running System 7.5.5. Whenever I insert a known-good disc, it spins up just fine, and then when the Finder tries to add the icon for the CD to the desktop, I get an unimplemented trap error. 


This started when I booted up 6.0.8 from an external SCSI drive and then rebooted back into 7.5.5 on the internal. After going back to System 7, I got an error about a corrupt desktop file - I've tried rebuilding the desktop but the issue with the AppleCD still exists.


The drive works great on my PowerBook. Here is a video of the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdOgKW1o5_E. Any ideas? 


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