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Intermittent horizontal flickering on Mac SE

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Long time lurker, first time poster. I've recently resurrected a Mac SE FDHD, which I bought on Craigslist for a mere $30. What's been done so far:


1) recap motherboard

2) recap analog board

3) recap PSU

4) added SCSI2SD

5) replaced 2.5MB RAM SIMMS with 4MB RAM

6) replaced solder on Yoke connector on analog board

7) retrobrighted case



The machine works and boots really fast. However, I've noticed that there are now intermittent horizontal lines seem to appear and disappear. It's almost as if the screen is having tiny seizures. I'm suspecting a solder connection on the analog board, but maybe I'm overlooking another possibility. Any ideas? 


Minor issue1 : When using the floppy drive, on first boot, the drive seems to work normally. Booting to desktop from a barebones System 6.0.8 disk takes about a minute. On subsequent boots, however, boot time takes upwards of 5 minutes. Has anyone experienced this sort of weirdness? 


Minor issue 2: the lettering on the front of the case is worn. Are there any options for re-lettering the case?




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It's an actual line - intermittently showing up on different areas when the display is ON. I did go back and in and reflow new solder back over various solder joints on the analog board and found one or two areas that weren't properly soldered. (I had to use a magnifying glass to properly spot the issue.) The flicker seems to have all but disappeared now. :)

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