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IIci is...ALIVE

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First of all, its wonderful to see 68kMLA alive and well. It has been a little over four years since I last posted/visited. I accumulated far too many 68k & PPC projects than I had time for but as of late, I'm making progress. Its good to be back.


On to the abridged IIci story. In 2008, I won a IIci on eBay and immediately encountered multiple failed caps. When I finally got around to sending the board off for repair, there was too much going on to really focus on it. The perfectionist in me didn't want to set it up until I had all my project parts in: accelerated graphics board, DayStar Trubo 601 (or similar), maxed out RAM, and operable floppy. I accumulated these parts over time but never sat down to get the darn thing going. I even found a lovely Macintosh Color Display and minty fresh AEKII. Final installation wasn't meant to be. I moved across the country and my kit sat until four days ago.


A snowstorm created a long weekend and I decided to slay the perfectionist. I had enough parts, lets go! Assembled the setup, plugged it in, POST chime.....death chime. Re-seat the RAM. Nothing. Shuffle it around. Nothing. Disappointment and aching fingers? Affirmative. I was so disappointing. Almost 12 years of ownership and I had never turned it on until now. I let it sit and walked away for a bit. It occurred to me that 4 SIMMs looked old and 4 looked newer. Maybe the newer SIMMs were either incorrect or failed. I'm not sure why I didn't think that maybe the older ones were the issue, but I removed the newer ones and put the older Samsung and NEC modules in Bank B.


Voila. POST chime. I froze, waiting for the sound of failure. Absolute sure it would pour out of the little speaker. Nothing but the hum and clicks of a SCSI drive waking up. It worked! I turned on the monitor and has the image came into focus, bootup completed and played a sound clip set by the original owner that could not have been more perfect, "I'm aaaaliiiveee. (From the sci-fi horror flick, Demon Seed.) Could not have been more appropriate. That little quirk really set the emotional stage for this machine..cheeky.


The floppy still doesn't work, but I'm sure I'll find out how to fix it here. No 601 until that works but thank to the Floppy Emu, I backed up that sound clip. Anyway, that's my contribution to Conquests : )

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insaneboy, I'm sorry that I didn't see this sooner. Wow! That's quite a nicely spec'd IIci. Do you still have it? I have a RasterOPS 24XLTV for it along with an accelerated Radius card. I'm curious to see what dual screen 7.6 is like although one of the Apple monitors has lost its center focus.


By the by, I'm in Portland as well. Boston transplant as of 10/19 : )

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