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Mac SE/30 no video after re-cap

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Finally got around to re-capping my Mac SE/30 board, after swapping the CRT from an unhappy Mac Plus and confirming signs of life. Screen came on and I could even boot off my Floppy Emu, though sadly the ADB ports appear to be dead. I knew it could use a re-cap after 30 years (at least 15 of which it was used as a door stop at my old high school). Re-cap went smoothly, and afterwards I cleaned the board with soap and a toothbrush, pressure washed with hot water, then shook and sat to dry overnight. Powered on the next day and I get a chime but no video. I decided to have a go at re-flowing UE8, UF8 and the other chips in that row, along with all the caps I had replaced (a few weren't as flat as they could be). Powered on and not even a chime. Went back for a second pass and ended up breaking a leg off UF8. The speaker chimes again but then blip-blips indefinitely, almost like it's stuck in a reboot loop but doesn't fully chime after the first one.

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3 hours ago, LaPorta said:

There could be a trace that was iffy that you disturbed, especially underneath some of those caps on the one side of the board (I forgot which). I’d check continuity there. What do you mean by “pressure washed?”

High pressure sink hose, nothing too extreme

4 hours ago, superjer2000 said:

Have you checked for proper voltage at the floppy port?

Haven't checked voltage anywhere yet. Floppy and HDD are unplugged.

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On 12/16/2019 at 1:44 PM, SE30_Neal said:

This May sound stupid but have you checked your memory is it a.) mounted properly or b.) working.


its more likely a trace but i know my se/30 stopped working and it ended up been ram memory after spending a load of money on recapping some new ram fixed it straight away. 

Memory is seated pretty securely and worked well enough to boot floppy images several times in between swapping the mouse and keyboard around, hoping for signs of life. I'll try re-seating and re-arranging it after I replace that LS393.

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