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mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

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8 hours ago, blusnowkitty said:

In addition to the above update, here's some news on the mAcTX LC front:


I do intend to produce another run of boards at some point. However due to the uncertainty of USPS's future, I will not be offering any more for sale until this picture becomes a little more clear. Maybe I will have to move to UPS or FedEx, maybe USPS can rebound from this - I just don't know at this point, and I'd rather not make the buyer deal with this headache as well. At some point there will be a revised model that adjusts the position of the power output thru-holes as well as adding in power status LEDs like the IIc board. I'm in two minds about this, though. If I use thru-hole parts, then the board loses a lot of its original elegance and simplicity and looks way too crowded. If I go surface-mount, then I would only offer the boards as a pre-assembled kit. Choices, choices...

Looking forward to a new run (I missed the first run because I was expecting this forum to email me thread updates, which inexplicably didn't happen for a few months!) I can confirm that USPS is unreliable right now, I have a cable en route that shipped out of CA a month ago and is finally in MA after being in a black hole for two weeks. When I opened up an inquiry with USPS it popped back into existence after a couple of days. FedEx and UPS have been reliable.

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I'm stoked about a possibility of a 630 series PSU solutions. Already had 3 of them buggers blow in quick succession.


It's also one of my very favourite 68K models too being mine is the DOS version with all the AV/networking gear. Oh and IDE, which saves a lot of headaches.

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I bought a new-used phone recently (an iPhone SE, just like my old one whose Touch ID broke), and it seems to have just fallen off the face of the earth.  No tracking, no indication that it shipped, nothing.


I've been inclined to think that it's an unreliable seller, but it could also be due to USPS' recent unreliability.  Either way, hopefully I didn't get ripped off.



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My picoPSU-80 I bought for the macTX doesn't work anymore. Luckily I bought 2 of them and the 2nd one works so I was able to determine that it's not macTX that's broken.


It's this one: https://www.mini-box.com/picoPSU-80


Any one else had a problem with these? I can't see any obvious disconnection points. Any chance that 80w isn't enough? Should I use a 120w one instead? 


I haven't tried to get it replaced by mini-box yet.

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